Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hello world!!! ^_^

I haven't updated you, my little blog, in a while. And since today was fun and stuff, I thought this was about a good time to do that.
I'm currently at my dad's for a few days, things have happened, that's why I came here, but also it's my usual every-other-weekend-visit and this time it doesn't mean offline land for me!!! But that's another story and I shall share it with you soon (as well as all the other crap that I had to go through while changing my ISP. Not that that's over yet. Oh my. You have no idea.).

For now, let me tell you about my lovely day.

I met up with my friend Nina, we went shopping (at one of those really cheap ass stores and I bought two fabulous sweater thingies!)
Here are some pictures. Yay!

This makes me feel like I'm wearing an old school video game.

Random flower-leaf action in light and dark grey. Hooray!
I also finally bought hair dye (so on my weekend to-do-list), a silver nailpolish (yaha, those things exist. How trashy. I love it.) and a really tacky eyeshadow in "Petrol" (some turquoisy blue-ish colour).
Then we took a little roadtrip for about 40 minutes and accidentally even went to Austria. That was not planned, I took a wrong turn and woops, there we were. Oh the fun of living close to a border. We ended up at a McCafé (I don't know if you have those. It's like the McDonald's version of a Starbucks. But not really. But yes.), had huge coffees and a small cake, then went back to the hometown, had a little music exchange party, spent some quality time with Nina's dad which is always fun (one of my goals in life is to dance in a polonaise with him. Just because.) and then we bought burgers and went home. Separately.
Now I'm doing my laundry (yes, you needed to know) and she is out at a concert I think, and I blog about today and wish I had taken some photos of the whole thing. But I didn't. Oh well.

This blog post is so not coherent. And just because I feel like it, I want to leave you with a mixtape. Turn up your volume and dance!!!

Bunnies and confetti,

MixwitMixwit make a mixtapeMixwit mixtapes


  1. I couldn't listen properly *cries actual tears* but! I did see Dizzee and Yelle and Jay and and stuff from party ben! YAY!
    Im coming back for a party when my computer aint so gay


  2. lovely mixtape ^_^
    ..and again, I want that l33t tetris sweaterrr!!

  3. Heya gorgeous. Thanks for the tunes, I'm enjoying this fa-fa-faness. Those sweaters are pretty fly, especially the digi-rock one. I wish I could accidentally wander into Austria!!

  4. Petrol?
    you need to post a picture of that!