Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pictures and things and stuff

Hi! How are you? I'm good, thanks!
I finally made a new video on my main channel. That was long overdue and I missed editing and filming and all that!
Also, I got featured on the German frontpage with the latest video I made on my kiwipedia channel (which is insane enough, but even more insane is the fact that I have three videos on that channel, and two of them have been featured on the German frontpage now. In. Sane.) and as much as I appreciate all this, it's a pretty weird thing. To me it still seems like people from Germany don't know much about YouTube, and about vlogging or just in general "normal" people who enjoy making videos and uploading them. To them it's clips from TV shows, or music videos. And as soon as someone has the guts to put themselves out there, it's a "fat emo bitch who has no life" [insert bad grammar and spelling here]. Or something like that, depending on whether you're a guy or a girl of course.
But yes. It's surreal, and fun at the same time. It also gives me the opportunity to screenshot something like this haha:
Sooooo I would officially announce that after a few weeks of not being into YouTube too much, I am officially back and stuff!! In general, I embrace the e-life with all its weird twists and turns and strange, strange people, and I shall twitter/vlog/blog/etc more often in the near future!! Currently, I'm in Maddox's blogTV show and I just won a Spice Girls picture challenge (the prize was chosing the next 90's pop song. I love it so! And yes, I was Baby Spice. Who else!!!)
Then Kristalyn Sporty Spiced it up, Jasmine did Baby Spice too, and JC went full out crazy and played Scary Spice for us. AND THAT'S WHY I LOVE BEING ONLINE. The end.

PS: Thanks blogger once again for not letting me use the layout I want. Thanks a lot. Really. Asshole.


  1. not only did I had a sex change, but a RACE change. I love the internet.

  2. Don't be mad about this silly german people on yahoo,... they are brainwashed, by watching ringtone advertisings on MTV and VIVA and hearing german violence hiphop made by Sido and Bushido and so on - the most have totally shutdown their brains and totally stop thinking,... so they want stuff that easy entertains them without using their brains - your video don't fits in that category: they have to think to understand the joke *lol*
    I'm in big fear of our future in a country full of people, that writes comments like them to your YES Video - poor Germany,... ;)

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  4. Hi there,
    I stumbled upon you due to this fabulous, awesome, wonderful YES video. (Although I didn't know they had vanished. And though I didn't know I'm glad they're back!!!) Ok what did I want to say? Ah yes: These silly idiots posting ridiculous comments on your wonderful video are again a reason why it's hard for a German to say he'd be proud to be German.
    But who cares?
    I'd say: Go on vlogging in German, it kinda sounds better (don't know why).
    Go Kiwi go :-)

  5. Oh babbin! you saved all the fabulous pictures!