Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Thoughts.

I like to doodle things while I'm on the phone.
And earlier, when I called the "service" line from my ISP (or my wannabe-Service provider. Ha. Ha. What a JOKE) I drew these little things:
Yes, I know. Happy, isn't it? Being on hold for what felt like an hour or so was just so much fun.
A rant is in order, my friends. Once all of this is set up and settled and I can officially say I have a real internet connection again, I'll dedicate a video full of "love" to the company that will provide me with the bandwidth to upload said video. Isn't it ironic, don't you think?


  1. ZOMG! I totally like doodle stuff, too while I'm on the phone!
    I got a blog on here now, too! :)
    (I feel like writing in English cause u do it, too!)
    SO yea...Now I just have to find out how to follow u lol!
    PS: U are a very talented dood-e-ler(?)! xD

  2. lol the one good thing about twitter is that it makes stalking you a lot easier. :D other than that i feel freaky for using it.

    but hey, damn tidy for a doodle! i doodle too but usually it's a real random ugly mess. altho your messages are angry they still look cute and sweet & not angry at all. haha

  3. err i mean the msg's the drawings portray

  4. It's good that you've decided to keep both your ears.

  5. muhahahha! sticking it to the man, oh yeah. I like your snail...and the rain cloud....actually your doodle is full of anger, are you ok? ;)