Wednesday, October 22, 2008


[I refuse to call it fall. Because autumn sounds so much better.]
I went to my dad's today and to my surprise unlike in Munich, here it's the most beautiful autumn-like sunny weather everrrr.
And what do I do when I want to show you stuff? Rrrrrright, have a photoshoot.
(yeah and also I just wanted to show off how incredibly groovy my new hair looks like in the daylight and with the nature background and in combination with my scarf and all that. yay!!)

The first "scene" if you will is some sort of "tada!!! It's autumn!" setting. The happy look on my face goes extremely well with the elegant gesture. What I especially enjoy about this picture is that my hair looks like it's incredibly long, and my boobs seem to be nonexistent.

The second picture shows me and our dog Laika. How she loves photos!! Believe it or not, this was the best out of more than ten pictures that I tried to take with her. The sad look on her face is her trademark and especially efficient during dinner. OUR dinner, not hers.

Behind our house I found the setting for shot #3. This tree had just the most perfect yellow leaves of all time and seemed to be a great eye catcher for a photo. Unfortunately, next to that little tree is our trash, so the picture you can see here is the first AND last one out of that certain setting. Geez there were flies everywhere, it was disgusting.

I accidentally took this picture when I opened PhotoBooth again after I went to my room to write this here, and even though it's an accident, I really, really love this picture. The colours are fabulous, and it's not even edited!!! (None of the pictures in this post are, btw.)

So that's it for today!!! My internet still sucks. I still can't watch or upload videos or in fact do anything fun online, except of course more or less accidental cybering with my lovelies which is the only thing that really counts, but yes.. I'm still on a semi-break that will hopefully be over the upcoming weekend. We'll see!!!

Rainbows, glitter and tons of candy for all of you,


  1. your hair looks so pretty in the light! xxx

  2. You should use that "happy look" more often. It suits you. :)

  3. have i mentioned lately how much i love those bangs on you? :)

  4. omg now you're like a juice flavor or somerthing!! kiwi-strawberry yes! that's it!!

  5. i want to be a super cute harajuku girl for halloween and want to use your hair for that night. thx.

  6. OMG BEAUTIFUL hair.

    and YES I really love that last pic especially!
    Looks like an album cover.

  7. Just surfed around, saw your pictures and didn't want to leave without saying that I like your hair very much.
    Bye !