Saturday, November 29, 2008



  1. super mega barbra streissand cute!!!

  2. cute picture! :]

    hmm, I found something you might want to read?

    maybe it will explain somethings?

  3. hello,kiwi.
    I am NoGunSoldrier,I guess we have played crysis war on the internet,can you regconize me?
    For special reason,I can't login the game,so I say something important to you on your mail.

    First,I must apologize for what I have said in the game chat.
    I should not use dirty and crazy words to offence anyone,If I have caused you much trouble,I shall say sorry to you.

    Second,I must explain one thing very important,I said something crazy,it do not mean I would do something illegal.
    Actually,I am always a honest guy,I never tell lies,never break the law,you can trust me.

    The economic crysis of the world is nothing to do with you and me or anyone in the game,it's totally a coincidence.
    Or it's an accident.If someone really do something to cause this terrible crysis,he will be seriously punished,I am sure of it.

    It's not worth to cause any conflict between countries just for some misunderstanding in the game.

    Please send this message to anyone who is disturbed by the misunderstanding in the game,We must do our progress to avoid any conflict,right?

    At last,I want to say:You are a lovely girl,I would like to make friends with you,Would you?

    I say this above honestly and sincerely.

    Please response me as soon as possible,ok?(
    Thanks a lot.
    NoGunSoldrier(other nike name: hahahahahaha Or lute)