Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's November already! (A post with lots of brackets. For fun.)

Can you believe it's November already? Yeah, me either. Wow!! The year is almost over, there have been a lot of things happening lately (and for once I'm not talking about me me me me me, but about world-things, dearest reader. And I'm sure you all know what I mean by that. Just for the sake of not over-mentioning it after the past 24 hours I shall not speak of the soon-to-be new US president and.. oh. Guess I just did. Nevermind then. [For the record: I'm happy about how things turned out there.] Closing those brackets now.) and I'm sure there will be more before the year is over, but let's just focus on the important stuff here for a bit, k?
And yes, by important stuff I mean mainly myself. Ha. Ha. Didn't see that one coming, hm? Yeah, I thought so.

So!!! I'm sure you're all dying to know what I've been up to lately. Yes, that's what makes the world go 'round. Or something like that. (Sometimes I try to use little lines that seem to be fitting English expressions, and as soon as I've written them down I re-read them and think "what an idiot!!!!!!!!!!". I refuse to delete that though. It's more fun like that, I suppose. People that I chat with know what I'm talking about here.)
So!!! (Again.)
I've been trying to catch up on online things, have watched a shitload of videos (I totally reached the 17,000 this week, woop!! [I'm a loser. Obviously!!!]), have been reading up on all the things going on in my reader (and I want to apologize for being so comment-lazy on blogs lately, it's just all so much!! And I get all impatient and just browse around and then end up somewhere else and... yeah. You know what I'm trying to say here, yes?) and on top of that also started a scheduled show on blogTV. Yes. I know. It's weird to me as well, but I've been thinking about this for a while, and even though the thought of having an actual schedule for this freaks me out a tiny little bit, it just makes more sense to me like this. For everything else, there is still Stickam, and I like when people do shows on a schedule, so why should I be too chicken to have one myself? (I am extremely exaggerating here, but it's my blog, so why not.)
Point being, I thought if I actually did this blogTV thing, then I'd need something to keep me there. I've worded that weirdly, but what I mean is: if I don't have something that kind of forces me to do things, I might just forget about it in two days and do something else. Hence: schedule. (For your interest, said schedule would include shows Tuesday and Thursday, 9pm EST each. Aaaaand maybe randomly as well, you can subscribe there via e-mail and get notifications though, and follow me on Twitter and blah blah whoring myself blah blah, you know how this goes.)
So far, I've done two shows, one last Saturday to test things out (meaning my camera and microphone. And my ability to actually do a show to be honest.), and that was to my own surprise a lot of fun! For some reason I've had a whole bunch of people in my room even though I didn't promote it really, got raided by lovely 4chan-folks, and all together it was just strange and odd and fun all at once.
The other show was yesterday, election night, and just as I expected, it was a much smaller group of people, but just like Saturday a strangely fun experience as well!
So the next show will be tomorrow at 9pm EST, and I swear I'll stop talking about this, like NOW, but it'd be cool if you'd maybe stop by, say hi, or something. Now you should know I'm not much of an entertainer. I don't see these live broadcasts as real shows, and more of an opportunity to talk to people, communicate basically. This is the e-world, right? And since the e-world is an incredibly large place, it's nice to have some corners where we can actually hang out together. And that's how I see these shows as well. So if you're up for a little chat... I know I am!

But enough of that now.

I'm still struggling with my internet connection (I've told you, things aren't over yet. I wonder how long it will take until I'll have the connection I'm actually paying for!!) but besides that, things are good!! I'm embracing autumn, sometimes it already smells like winter outside, and I can't wait to see the first snowflakes!!

And to end this on a rather mushy note:
I can honestly say that I'm really happy right now. I can't even put into words how thankful I am for some of the people that are a part of my life, and no matter how far away they might be, in a way they're very close to me (a physical distance has nothing to do with feelings if you ask me), and I wouldn't wanna miss knowing them for anything in the world <3

I shall update you more frequently in the near future, dearest blog, but for now I want to leave you, dearest reader, with rainbows, kittens, glitter, occasional confetti-showers and cupcakes all over the place.



  1. Yay! I will try to stop in when I can. ....and thanks for the rainbows and kittens and etc.

  2. Disappointed by the lack of brackets is the second half.


  3. Yay! I'm excited that you've started a show on blogtv :) And I've even more happy to hear that things are going well on your side.

  4. awww, little corners to hang out in! let's watch a movie and all of us cwtch up around a giant popcorn bowl.

    i'll be there tonight for sure.