Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Oh em gee like HAI and stuff ^_^

Hey you, blog reader dearest, how's it going?
Man it's fucking FREEZING in Munich these days, and what have I been up to, you ask? Well, except for trying to not freeze and die, I've been getting back into my YouTube mode. YouTube mood. Something like that.
As you may have noticed, I haven't been all that active there in the past few months, and right now I feel like it's the perfect time to do exactly that. Make more videos, and not for you (sorry) but for myself. Because after all, that's what I've signed up for.

Facing the truth here, I'm a vlogger, and that's what vloggers do. I think. Sharing little pieces of their life with others, and basically, capturing experiences, thoughts, ideas, and whatnot. I used to be really good at that, and I feel like I'm getting there again.
I made three videos on Sunday and Monday (for the PJ club, my main channel, and my German channel) and especially the German one... I don't know why, but it's been a long, long time since I've made a video that I really liked and that I can honestly be proud of, and it felt really good doing that. It's a one take video, kinda-sorta-improv comedy like, or something, I dunno, but even I find it funny, and judging from the comments I've received so far, people really liked it, whether they understand German or not (well, it's a really simple concept, so I guess that's part of why people who don't understand German even get it). Bottom line: it made me happy to shoot and edit the video, or all three videos really, and it feels like I'm back on YouTube with all my heart (awwwwwww.... insert cheesy music here).

Can I just say one thing? I fucking LOVE online videos, and I highly respect each and everyone who makes them. I had this thought while driving to my dad the other day, and seriously, making videos and meeting (e-meeting and irl meeting) the people who share this interest or hobby or whatever you wanna call it, makes me happy and basically just feels like a really good thing. I'm not sure where I'm going with this now, but maybe you get what I mean.

Yes, the e-life makes me act like a huge hippie sometimes haha

Well in other news, I've recently started to work as a nanny. Twice a week, and I'm taking care of my nephew, which is probably the best thing ever since I'm getting paid for something I'd like to do anyway. But since my sister told me they were thinking about getting a "regular" nanny, I don't feel to bad about getting paid for doing this. I work for them twice a week, and next week little Titus (I'll try to show him to you guys sometime soon because omfg what a cute thing!!) is gonna start a Taekwondo (spelling?!?!?!) class and I'll be watching and awwww this should be a lot of fun.
He's five years old btw, a huge Star Wars fan and is currently trying to work on his Jedi-powers. The telekinesis part isn't working all that well yet, but wow he's awesome with light sabers!!

This was a HUGE update, dearest blog reader, and if you made it this far, I'm proud of you. I really am.
By the by, I'm having fun with my blogTV shows, it's probably the weirdest thing I've done on the web so far, but it's also a lot of fun and hanging out with you guys, even if it's just in a chat room, is a great experience.

I also have some thoughts on YouTube Live, but who really wants to read about that anymore now? Yeah, thought so, I don't either.
(I'm totally hoping YouTube will start having a live-broadcasting option soon though!! That'd be kinda awesome, I think.)

Ok. Long story short, hi! How are YOU these days?

Glitter bombs in all of your faces,



  1. heh, your new vids were pretty awesome :]
    can't wait to see more awesomeness :]
    yay for being a happy vlogger!

  2. You love fucking in online videos!? OH shit! :o oh no wait I read it wrong *tear*

    Secret UK ninja fan, you r0ck kiwi!

  3. Hello Kiwi.
    I 've watched all the three new vids and I love that. Just as u said, people dont know German( say me) would also like it. Come on~

  4. Thanks for responding to my comment on youtube! I always miss your live shows!! :-( I'm in California and I never can get that time zone right. Anyway hope to catch you live one of these days. And I know you say you "whore" yourself on the internet (omg did you say that? or did I just make that up? not whore in the literal sense anyway) but thank you for doing it. At least you do it well!