Sunday, June 1, 2008


My dearest reader, I am so full of ideas these days. Don't you love the feeling of "everything is possible" and "everything will be extremely awesome soon"?? Ok maybe it's just me, but I have those kinds of feelings every now and then, and even though I kind of haven't used any opportunities so far, and nothing has become extremely awesome (sounding emo much? Not meant to be) I still feel like that sometimes, and I honestly believe that it just brings me one step closer to figuring out this whole "life" thing everyone is talking about. And I'm not trying to sound like Joey Potter or anything, but srsly, isn't right now the time for me to do that? To figure it out? Take a path or maybe even two and follow them? Get ideas, try new things, believe in myself?
Well folks, I think it is. And so I have thought about the possibility of moving to Berlin. Why, you ask? Because it is cheap. Because it is a big city (not like Munich - the biggest village ever). And because it would also mean that I have to start becoming more independent. I always like to tell myself that I already am, but honestly, I'm not. [Also: come on, a city with a gay mayor sounds so much better than old conservative Munich. Srsly!!]
Now of course I'm absolutely not sure if this plan or idea will ever be implemented [that sounds weird, but my little online dictionary tells me that "to implement" is the right word here. Le sigh], but I thought by writing all this down, I have at least a reminder of some sort to follow and focus on.
Next step: finding a good reason why the hell I should move to the other side of the country. The family will not be pleased (oh how mafia of me muahuahua), but that's not my concern right now.

To end this post on a slighty lighter note, I have something that the fabulous Shelly likes to call an "instant snapshot", meaning a picture taken right after writing this blog (which I am sure will be fun for you because it's after 9am and I haven't slept and also I just washed my hair and what can I say? I'm just a big mess right now. In the most positive way of course!) and also a video of my current favorite song.

Oh and before I forget it: I am still not so sure about the whole vlogging in German thing.. I kinda tried it without recording anything, and it just felt so weiiiiiird. But oh well. I shall keep you posted. I mean after all it could be a fun (weiiiiiiird) experiment. Or something.

Okok, here's the picture:
And here's the song:

(That's "Paper Planes" by M.I.A. fyi)


  1. when your family asks you why you're moving, tell them "because ben robot said so!!!" then proceed to slap them. meanwhile, i'll have the car waiting for our grand escape.

  2. Hrm. Why don't you start to become more independent right now, if that is what you really wish for? I've heard exactly that reason for moving all around the world a lot of times. But I think it really isn't the location that makes you independent, but your mindset. I know people who live still at home or at least the same village, who are more self-reliant than some people who moved faaar away. So, imho, that reason is no reason, sorry ;).
    Accordng to this and this it is not really much cheaper. Sorry...
    I can really understand your urge to move and to change things. And Berlin is just superb imho and I would move there any time. But I'm not sure if it is a good idea to move somewhere just for the sake of it. It just doesn't work out that way, in my experience.
    It would be a different story if you move there for a good reason, and that would imho be e.g. a great job or a course of studies that is better there than anywhere else or someone to live with or something like that... a great oppertunity, somthing that really helps you to move forward on one of your paths. :)
    And a reason like that would also be easy to understand for La Familia...

    But Ben's solution may work out, too... as long as you would drive yourself, because I don't think he realizes how fast angry German families can be on the Autobahn. ;)

  3. Berlin is no doubt a lovely place (been there) but I don't think moving there will really solve anything since you have trouble with the "why?" part.

    I decided to move far from home to study and I thought it would make me super independent and stuff. But I still visit home very often.
    Yeah it made me a bit more independent but my reason for moving was school. The longer distance didn't solve anything that I was hoping it would.

    But YOU really can't know until you try!
    just don't do it just for the sake of moving away...

    I urge you to seek a purpose first and then proceed with the implementation if necessary. (at least it would be a lot easier that way...)

    But in the end... you just do what you have to do!

    I <3 M.I.A. too!

  4. Instead of "be implemented" you could say "be realized", "follow up/through", "go through with", "carry out/through", or just plain "happen" would be more informal.

    "implemented" is used by stuffy bureaucrats and nerdy computer scientists - like me ;)

    Although, saying you are going to "implement" your plan could add a bit of sarcasm if your plan isn't well defined yet. Saying you want to "execute" your plan would be pretty humorous as well.

  5. oh and sorry no life advice: I can't even figure anything out for myself...