Friday, June 13, 2008

Bannerz and other shtuff

So today I officially became a YouTube partner. This is so weird! I have autoplay (which right now is fun, but I'm sure it will annoy me, and YOU, very very very soon lol), I can upload banners and have all those other options for my channel design.
But really cool at the same time. I just seriously need to change the way my channel looks. Besides that: picture me doing a happy dance, because that's what I feel like doing right now lol

As some of you know, the partner program wasn't open for Germany until now. I got an invitation in the mail yesterday, applied, got accepted, set up my AdSense account, connected my YouTube account with that AdSense thing, got the confirmation, and that was it. Basically.
Really cool!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous rest of the week and a spectacular weekend, and I shall see you soon!



  2. hooRAY
    RAY of SUNSHINE of course.

  3. Weeeeeeee! Give us pretty banners! :-D

  4. Yay!!! Congratulations, partner.

  5. Congratulations! Welcome to the inner circle. Don't forget about the YouTube partner's meeting later this month. We're all flying our private jets out to Paris to count our millions and talk about how much the non-partner peasants suck. See you there!

  6. Congrats! Now all I have to do is make your channel my homepage, and that saves on a buttload of clicking! Ok, not really, because that sounds extremely creepy and stalkerish, but enjoy your partnership and I look forward to you banna!