Thursday, June 26, 2008


Just wow.
I cannot believe how fucked up my sleeping pattern is right now.
I can't even tell you how much because it's a shame, really. I blame the heat (and maybe, but just maybe, a few people). It's just way too hot during the day to actually do something, so everything I have to do during the day I just delay until it's not that hot anymore.
And I want to make a video but .. it's just too frikken hot people!! TOO HOT I says.
So once again I'm on the internet, complaining about the weather. THE WEATHER. It's ridiculous. I seem to be obsessed with it. Maybe I am. Who knows?

But what I really wanted to say is HI how are you guys? Sorry I've been neglecting my blog so much lately! I know that 2 or even 3 people actually care, so sorry for that! But you know why? BECAUSE IT'S TOO FRIKKEN HOT!!!

Ok I'm done now.
A mediocre blog rant, brought to you by speedyconkiwi productions.

Ugh I need sleep.


It's almost 1pm now, and I'm still not asleep. Instead I made a phone call that I was kind of nervous about, but when I called I was mistaken for someone else and greeted with "Moin!!" (I'm not gonna explain that now), then short awkward silence, then laughing, and that broke the ice and it wasn't as weird as I thought it would be. Yay!


  1. True, true, true! :)

    You know, the best thing about uni right now, are the air-conditioned rooms. Haha! *cooool*
    The problem here is, that if I start to grin (like e.g. right now) I get the attention of the Prof because people are serious around here, while paying attention to the "most important stuff in the whole wide world"... ;)

    Sleep tight! :)

  2. .... .. .......... .. .. ... .

    oh, moin moin *flashback*.. Yay for not weird phonecalls!... .....

  3. Ich habe deine Seite oft gesehen. Du gibst dir Mühe und hast kein Problem dich öffentlich zu stellen. Das ist mein großes Problem, weil ich eine große Grenze einhalte zwischen privat und öffentlich. Es gibt einfach zu viele kaputte und kranke Leute, die das Netz nutzen. Du hast damit kein Problem, warum? Trotzdem, deine Seite ist wirklich gut, vielleicht sollte jede Seite so sein, absolut offen.

  4. Wow, reading this made me turn the the AC to just a little bit cooler

    Maybe you should get like a nighttime job or something...
    Working the Graveyard Shift...

  5. i told you our phone call wouldnt be THAT weird.
    yay!!! woot!


  6. geez! i am happy to see another blog post i was anxiously waiting! lol

    im sorry the weather is so sucky! i would ask how hot but my Celsius/Fahrenheit conversion sucks!

    hope to talk to you soon (before i leave)!!!