Monday, June 9, 2008

Look at that!

I'm on utubedrama again, what fun.
Now kids, here's what we can learn from this experience:
  1. Trevor is excellent with grammar.
  2. I have 382 German sock accounts. Or maybe even more.
  3. The term "German sock account" is known all over the internet.
  4. I'm a partner now.
  5. Thousands of people unsubscribe from me everyday because of my Learn German series. (if I were you, I would too)
  6. I have teamed up with Victor to surround your internets.


  1. congratulations on getting partner.. lol

  2. i wish he would write about my recent sex change, sigh.

  3. Howdy Partner!

    Whaaat?!? Trevor isn't always right..?
    That's unheard of...

  4. I just knew you and victor had to be in on this together! It's a conspiracy!

  5. aww no encyclopedia dramatica article yet though.
    (Warning this site is offensive in the name of "lulz")

  6. This site is the headquarter of "brain amputees united". Linking to it just raises the page rank...

  7. congrats you partner you! :)

  8. @revilomat don't worry: REL="nofollow"

    ...but you gotta appreciate the way those guys practice the fine art of crafting absolutely pointless and needlessly offensive content (and lot of it!). Its pretty epic in its own special right.