Saturday, February 16, 2008

2 girls 1 video

Two days ago, I visited my friend Tessa to shoot the next episode of Learn German. I originally wanted to make a dialogue scene and thought it was way more fun to have an actual person to talk to, rather than just talk to myself... in a wig... again.
But since it was all kind of spontaneous I didn't really have a script ready, just a little list with notes (which usually is enough if I make a video with only myself in it) and as it turned out, that was not the smartest idea ever. We really tried to get the video done and even thought we had accomplished that (almost at least), until Tessa's roommate came home and watched the footage with us.. it became quite clear that nothing was really useful for a real Learn German video.
Since we already had shot something .. I thought I might as well do something with it.
That's how the Failed Episode was born.
I gotta admit, although that was Tessa's first YouTube video, she was pretty professional. A lot more than me, tbh. Everytime we tried to do that dialogue part... I was the one cracking up not even halfway through it.

And now I get all those half-pervy comments on that video. lmao
A couple of (I suppose) guys mentioned something about 1:58.. so I checked.. because i'm curious like that... and may I say that I am pretty sure Tessa didn't do that intentionally? But I thought it was funny so I didn't cut it out. Oh whatever.
I just hope she's not gonna get scared away by the comments... and has the guts to do another attempt next week.


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