Monday, February 18, 2008

Back to the roots.

Almost a year ago, I was sick. And bored.
And I thought: hey, why not make a video for YouTube? You can hardly talk, you look like crap, but why not?
So I started making videos out of boredom while being sick.
Now I'm sick again. And I'm in such a video making mood, it's ridiculous.

In the last two days I made 4 videos... Pretty weird, huh? Guess that's just.. some sort of habit or whatever.

Oooh and a little guitar update: I am now playing the guitar for 20 days and my Yoda told me I was actually really good for that short time. So weeeeeeeeeeeeee go me go me go me!!

Tomorrow (actually today) I'll be going to my dad.. I got the car because I originally had planned to get a couch today.. but now since I'm sick, and so is my roommate who would have helped me, and the girl I'd get the couch from, we kinda.. decided to hold off on that whole couch-getting plan. And since my dad needs the car Tuesday morning... you can figure out the rest of that story.

I will now fall into my bed and hopefully wake up sometime again.

[omg I wrote that blog like an hour ago and totally forgot to post it - go me.. not]


  1. Congratulations on the guitarrrrr

  2. Jupeeeeee (Just like Danish people use to say). I think you have good cut outs in your videos. Especially that one in which you teach people to speak in German.

    I think that the relation you do with the actual advertisements (trying to be really serious, but yet making some fun) is cool.

    What are you studying? Something related to audiovisual?

    By the way, today I am sick. But I went teach anyway.