Friday, February 1, 2008

The naked chick made me buy it.

Newsflash! LOL
No seriously though, today is another day that just shows me how much the internet is worth having a computer with internet access.
As all two of you know, I just recently bought a guitar (I am tempted to call it "Crossmack", but that doesn't really match the German perception of "guitar" as a female noun... hmpf) and I am already deeply in love with it.
However, what I wanted to write about is this:
Before yesterday I never even tried to play something on a guitar, and I know probably everyone knows someone who plays guitar and who showed them some little things to play, but not for me. Nobody ever showed me how to even hold a guitar.
So of course the first thing I had to do was tuning it. And smart little me figured, why not search for "How to tune a guitar" on YouTube. Through that search I didn't only find a video that really helped with all steps of the tuning, but a whole website of some Canadian guy who pretty much teaches guitar lessons through video.
Now that may not sound like something special or surprising, but I am truely and deeply amazed by it.
Pay for guitar lessons? Ah pfff, I gots me my computer.

Best thing was when I told my dad about me getting a guitar, [and you have to know he has never been online in his whole life, he doesn't even know how to write or read a text message on his cell phone (which he of course never uses anyways)] his questions were: how much did it cost? and: so you get lessons now?
When I answered him that I probably won't need any lessons (not that I'd have the money for them anyways) he was pretty much surprised and didn't really understand.
He just asked me: "They have teachers on the internet?"
Oh so cute, isn't it?

Btw, if you wanna look up the brand of my guitar, I'm pretty sure you won't find that much, but it's from "Alba", it was extremely cheap, and I just read some posts on different websites about it, and they all were positive. So go me and my new little red wine colored toy xD


  1. Yay! :) about calling it "Alba Crossmack"?
    Then the official name is female, but you could call it by it's last name :F
    ..and hey.. Joey from Dawsons Creek..
    I rest my case..
    I think..

  2. When selling guitars it's always better to use naked chicks than famous musicians...

    And you really weren't kidding with the really cheap. In that price range if it stays in tune for more than a week it's money definitely well spent.

    Only n00bs pay for guitar lessons!

    For some reason your guitar reminds me of Janis Joplin (don't ask...)

    My guitar is definitely Johny Cash, being black and all...

  3. real life band here we come!
    keyboard power!

  4. It didn't come with the naked chick, did it?

    No, I'm sure that would have cost a lot more.

  5. I own 5 guitars and a bass now. Never had a lesson in my life.

    Lessons. Pfft.

  6. When I first came onto Youtube I searched for guitar lessons as well. I had no luck, they were teaching too fast. Maybe I'll check out the link to that guy you mentioned, because I don't know anyone who will teach me either.

  7. Sister Disko will rock so much with you two playing guitar :-D