Thursday, February 7, 2008

Going home

I'll be going home to my dad's once again this weekend. No internet (eeew! / weee?) and maybe there is SNOW and stuff, like winter stuff. Meh, I'm kinda braindead right now, please excuse my inability to form perfectly correct sentences.
"F U! Go to bed already!!!!"
(that's what the remaining part of brain tries to tell me.)
But I won't. Oh no little squishy brain thingie, the hell I won't. I'm in the middle of *trying* to practice the intro part of Mad World (I still totally suck at it, but.. every hour or so I even notice an improvement. Hoozah!!)
It's kinda weird to play it though, since so far I have only been practicing chords.. and not tabs.
Okok enough with the crazy and rather not interesting guitar n00b talk.
I want candy!
Random thought, but why not include it here?
I have to srsly go job hunting next week. I quit college, did I tell you that? Probably not.
Well, not that I have a bigger plan now, but I thought it might be nice to get something like a.. how you say.. perspective first? Yes. That's probably it.
No really, the more I think about it, a perspective (of what I'm not so sure yet) would be a good thing to get. Yes yes.
I still have no idea where I'm going (metaphorically speaking, for the really slow of you) so why not start there?
And what does all that have to do with the title? Nothing. You're absolutely right.
Just wanted to mention that.



  1. Yay! I'm going Home too
    With the exception that the Internet is actually faster there

    Ooh, a College Dropout...
    Perspective is always Good

  2. Ich wünsch Dir viel Erfolg bei der Jobsuche! Du machst das schon!

  3. I'm so gonna use this weekend to study my ass off..
    ..then I can go back to slacking when you come back :F

    "I want candy! - Random thought"
    ..I'm kinda scared now..

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  5. Well good luck in your search for perspective, hope you find what your looking for.