Sunday, February 24, 2008

Psycho train

I pretty much spent most part of my day "en route", as my online dictionary tells me.
Here are two pictures I took while going back to Munich. No flashlight, and funky light effects inclusive. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Plus: I experience a minor music crisis right now and made a iTunes playlist with only four songs that I listen to on repeat. I am seriously tired of everything else.
The good news: I feel my cold slowly leaving me. Weeeee!

And how are you doing?


  1. Happy to hear you're getting better.

  2. yess.. the cold is leaving.. although the pics are cool.. looks like the ride was a bit bumpy! :)

  3. Whoooaaa, I didn't know they have trains travelling at warp speed in Germany ;) Btw, have you ever tried ? Probably the finest online dictionary there is.

  4. yay! Thanks for the massage kiwi, I have a fair bit to learn I think! LOL.. I don' t know how to find ppl or nuffink, LOL. I really gotta sleep now, hope you' re dandy:)

    Oh and i like the photographs :)

  5. How am I doing?
    Just got rid of a cold too, hope yours won't come back.

    One question: How did you do that "come ants" thing?

  6. Hm. I really wonder how it comes that so many people have that cold at almost the exact time. I think it would be really interesting if it would be possible to see how it exactly spreaded.
    Mine is leaving, too now. Congrats to us :)

    My day: I went to the post office ;). After that I was in my stupid room all day and tried to study for some upcoming tests this week. But from wednesday on I will be free, weee! :)

  7. Well I'm doing fine, thanks.
    Semesterferien sind ne tolle Sache ;)

    Concerning your music crisis, you might want to give "The Coffinshakers" or "The Dresden Dolls" a try. They're both quite special but great bands!

  8. mmm Im fine just enjoying my last 3 days... my summer break is over on monday after that ill have to study my ass so mmm about your crisis. I hate it when that hapends, i kinda live with my earplugs on... and lately ive been having a music crisis of my own... ive beeng listening the same 10 songs for the last 3 weeks xD.i Think you might wannt to chek them out.... i hope... but its all in spanish and gotta warn you that ive been just really torturing my self with love songs xD yeahh not just that i have a crush on my best friend ( girl)here are the songs

    top 1 on my list is really special for me...
    Reik- Ahora Sin Ti
    Sin Bandera- Te Vi Venir
    Mana- Ojala Pudiera Borrarte
    **** the next song is not sad at all i think you might like it cuz its a summer hit here and its really fun to dance...

    Wisin Y Yandel- Ahora dale sin miedo
    Enrique Iglesias- Alguien soy yo

    sry got to go.I would like to know your opinion about this songs here is my mail and messenger: