Monday, February 25, 2008

OMG boooooring

How come the most viewed list always contains the biggest crap ever???
As of right now, the first 16 most viewed videos are these:Soccer?? What's the point of watching soccer on YouTube?? *yawn*
(Not that I would watch it on TV either, but come on, what's the point? On a tiny little screen, after the game is already done?? Lame.)


  1. i think it's because people like to see others hurt themselves and the guy broke his leg.


  2. shattered bones scattered over a lovely grass field is the best kind of field there is.

  3. its the brazilians, who loves this sensless game..
    i really hate it..
    but youtube deleted all these injury videos from that player...

    hey..i was just passing by and found out this blog...
    really liked it...
    it is very nice..

  4. nah chilean and we are also big soccer fans...the point of watching it on youtube is that instead of watching the entire game in 90 mins you can see the 3 or 5 mins that really matter.... i mean goaaaaals...i like soccer but i hate waiting 30 mins to watch someone score...