Thursday, February 21, 2008

Greetings, it's me!

Dearest reader of Kiwi's blog, this is me, Kiwi's sleep. I think we haven't met yet.
At first I should probably explain to you that me and Kiwi don't get along too well. It's a love/hate relationship, really.
We argue and fight like little children in a sandbox, but once we made up, there is no stopping us. Alarm clocks? Pffff not with me!

What I really wanna talk to you about though is what happened today. I felt like being funny so I kinda acted like I was totally there for her, embracing her, making her eyes sleepy and her brain tired. I made her believe she was good to go.. with me, that is.
She even went to bed before 3am, read a little, thought she was even sleepier by then. I convinced her to turn off the light and just... easily slip away into the land of dreams.
But oh no - not with me. There I was, waiting in the dark.. making her thoughts go wander around.. taking all sleepiness away.. mean.. unexpected.. making her open her eyes.. looking around in the dark.. moving from one side of the bed to the other.. getting restless.. annoyed.. and finally - I succeeded!!
Pissed off at me (oh sweet victory of mine) she went back to her MacBook. Finding YouTube as messed up as can be (oh my dearest partner in crime, how I love thee), trying to make herself tired again.
But what she didn't know was that tonight.. I had the force with me. The biggest force I can have, to be exact.
Tonight, dearest reader of Kiwi's blog, I played hand in hand with the full moon.


  1. lol for a second i began to believe your sleep was actually a person

  2. i just drove home from a job 500 km away and i gotta be up in 6 hrs, but here i am. i feel yer pain. youtube is the devil. ahhhaa, it's the devil in disguise, hunh. prisilla, fix me a p.b. and banana...

  3. Oh c'mon Kiwi's sleep, I think that was a bit unfair!

    Using the full moon like that...

  4. Hi Kiwi's sleep.
    This is Ally's concentration.
    If we joined our forces... we could rule the world!!

    so what do you say?.. You game? The Moon seemed to like my plan yesterday.. there will be a secret meeting about this subject next week..
    bring cake..

  5. I've been feeding the yellow turtle for at least 5 minutes now. the purple one hasn't had any.