Monday, February 11, 2008

I'm officially LOST - pt. II

So I just watched the second episode of LOST, season 4.
If you haven't and you don't want spoilers.. stop reading NOW.
But srsly, I am sooo confused. Even more than last week. Those four new people? WTF? That ghostbuster guy Miles? The anthropologist? The captain? The physicist?! And that Naomi chick? And the really mean looking guy who appeared in the last episode as well.. you know the one who visited Hurley in the sanitarium or whatever the hell that was? Geez!!! Instead of at least giving at least ONE REAL answer to anything from the last episode, they only added a whole bunch of new questions.
And what about Benjamin Linus? What the fuck is so special about that guy? Gawd I hate him!!
And at the end when he just said: "..because one of our people is on their boat." THE END - I was just like... HUH?!! H TO THE UH?!!!! And now you want me to wait a week until the next episode comes out???!!!!!!! TORTURE!!!!!!
Come on people!!! Give me some answers already!!!!
I wanna punch those writers in the teeth. Full of admiration and respect, but still I wanna punch them. More than once.


  1. We are all LOST...

    Hopefully the writers have dental insurance

  2. Hey, they gave at least one real answer about why Locke lives :-) You asked it, they answered, what more do you want ;-P
    And it is now confirmed that the world found an airplane which is or looks like flight 815, for whatever reason... But yeah... 1,5 answers, 20 new questions. I love this show :-)
    Btw, do yourself a favor and don't watch Cloverfield!