Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Now you'll be like: whaaaaat?
Yes yes. Let me tell you, visitor from a different part of the world.
We crazy people over here in Germany don't really celebrate Halloween (as I may have told you before in a video and/or blog post). There are Halloween parties, and some people dress up, but it's not really all that popular.
We have Fasching. Or -in other parts of Germany- Karneval.
It officially starts on 11/11, but the main part happens in February. Meaning: right now.
There are Faschingsparties everywhere, and people dress up as really awful looking.. things. In my opinion, Fasching is also just another excuse for people to get really drunk in public before noon, but officially its roots are of course based on Christianity, like most holidays here.
So the whole thing ends on Ash Wednesday, that means it is absolutely necessary to get wasted as many times as possible before that day.
Oh the joy... -___-

As cute as it is when kids dress up for Fasching...
...it only gets really creepy the older people are.

Smurfs are always a top choice.
Or.. just random costumes that are a bit tough to identify.
And that's most of the time a good thing. Trust me.
Most important: Be happy (or die right away).


  1. Any holiday is an excuse to get drunk!

    I'd be getting high for the Smurfs haha

  2. opps I mean I'd be getting high with the Smurfs. I think I'm high right now. Off no sleep.

  3. And this has been going on since November? Holy crap, that's a lot of clowns.

  4. Does that mean the whole thing will be over by tomorrow?
    I've never been able to figure out the system... =P

  5. whaaaaat?

    I always wanted to cut a watering can and put it on my head...