Saturday, February 2, 2008

Ouch / I'm LOST

The fingertips of my left index-, middle- and ringfinger hurt like hell.
I guess that's a good sign, right?

A link Ally sent me: very basic chords and stuff.
Not too bad.
I'm currently working on switching from Em to G. How genius of me xD

And apparently, my neighbors beat up their kids. Or the kids beat up their parents. Or maybe it's just a kids' party. Not so sure. But it sounds dangerous.

Oh, did anyone watch that new episode of LOST? [If you did, read on, if not.. don't]

Holy shit. I couldn't be any more confused. Srsly, wtf? Can someone explain why Locke isn't dead? And why oh why did their writers decide to trade the flashbacks for short episodes of the future? I'm sure I could explain that all a bit better if I wasn't so DAMN CONFUSED!!!!
And I miss Charlie. I really do : (
And what's with "one of the Oceanic 6"?? Does that mean only six people will survive the whole thing?!!!!! I once read that LOST is supposed to be a seven-season-show, so there will be a LOT more happening. But still: how? why? who? where? what? when? O___o;;


  1. Can you say SPOILER!!!
    no? ok..
    I guess I won't try to catch up from where I got lost on Lost in season 2 o_O

  2. Your fingertips get tougher eventually so it doesn't hurt. At least you know you have been practicing.

    I watched Lost!
    You know it's called "Lost" for a reason...
    Yeah... they probably made a band called "Oceanic 6" and they only play neo-progressive jazz with bits of the plane...

  3. Jacob reanimated Locke or something. Or the island healed him? It worked for the russian guy, too.
    The "Oceanic 6" left the island, but that does not mean that the others will not survive, I guess. Hurley said something about rescuing the other people, as far as I remember?! Who are the other three people of the "Oceanic 6" ? One is already dead...

    I liked this episode... I wonder how they will develop the plot with the two new groups.

  4. hey! yea! i don't get how Locke is ok after being shot..
    my guess for the "Oceanic 6" is that only 6 people decided to go back to the real world.