Thursday, February 7, 2008


Since some of you have been asking about this...
These are my four tattoos.

That was my first one, I got it when I was 15. It's a tribal I designed after the old Egyptian sign for "Ankh" (eternal life), and I got inspired by the logo of that one Vampire game years ago..
This one I got when I was 19, it's an ambigram of the word "Earth" (that means you can read it from both sides) which is my element as a Capricorn (I totally stole it from the rather lame "Angels and Demons" book from Dan Brown).
I got this one very spontaneously, after being shopping with some friends. We still had some cash to spend and some time on our hands.. so we went to a tattoo studio (which since that day is the tattoo studio of my trust LOL) and got tattoos that afternoon. That was three years ago. And no, it doesn't mean anything. It's just pretty ; )
This one is my biggest, and the only one with color. I got it last year. It doesn't really have a meaning, besides that it shows something pretty, but in a not so perfect way. I always liked things that have their own beauty to them. The tattoo artist designed it just for me, and I plan on expanding it sometime, probably with some motives from Alice in Wonderland.


  1. If I ever have extra money floating around I'll be sure to get a tattoo. Possibly Kiwi inspired :) A tattoo of a Kiwi! How creepo of me.

  2. I only have one tattoo, a giant portrait of Renetto on my back. Unfortunately I can't show it on the internet, for copyright reasons.

  3. I like the Ankh. If I had ever choosen to get tatoos, I might have thought about that, too. Inspired by my Ultima Online time... :-)

  4. "Angels and Demons" were kinda lame.
    The tattoo on the other hand is not.
    I should really get of my ass and finally get mine done.

  5. Was it possibly perhaps maybe from "Vampire: The Masquerade"

  6. @ JX yes, I think that was the name LOL it's not the same sign though

  7. Having a tattoo is/can be quite addictive - some time after you get one, you want another ;) I have a tribal on my right arm and I keep telling myself, that I don't need another one, but then again - who am I kidding? :D